Sjane Abtotz-HellenJGill


Hellen Gill and Friends 

Just an entrepreneurial network of friends who periodically work together on various projects. The images below give you an idea of our work. What binds us is that we have common interests in relation to our profession. Every year we focus on new themes to be worked out. We are artists-entrepreneurs-profs in cooperation. With the support of Carla Bakboord, Hellen Gill and Friends was founded in 1982 by Hellen Jeanette Gill also founder of Sjane Abtotz alter ego off HellenJGill. 



Our network consists of people with their own professional obligations in politics, ICT, social, education and others. What we have in common in this network is that we often have (been) alternately on various stages as artists, (day) president, arts in the broad sense of the word and other. You can read us on social media - websites



You can follow Network Hellen Gill and Friends on the websites above.